Public Installations

The rose installation was placed in Yard One on International Women's Day, 2006. Thousands of rose buds were collected, many generously provided by one particular donor, and placed to portray a circle and cross, the female symbol, and left to weather the elements.

Within the circle dried roses were positioned to represent the shape of Australia. The installation involved laboriously collecting the roses and then drying them ready for display. The many hours involved gave Christina and helpers time to contemplate the convict women as they went about their life of drudgery.

The installation remained for many months changing with the climatic conditions. On the day of installation the aroma was heady with wonderful 'rose' notes and the entire artwork was a compelling non permanent monument.

As the days passed the ground took on the decayed, soil enriching rose litter and the imprint remained for quite some time, a reminder of the women, many of whom, had once been encarcerated on that site.