Roses from the heart CD

A compilation of 15 songs about convict women and their experiences. The CD weaves the story of the Convict women through prose and music. A beautiful illustrated booklet gives a fabulous background into the songs and experiences of the convict women.

Song List
1 The Story of the Women. Performed by: Christina Henri
2 Sky and Sea. (Dave McGilton) Performed by: Dave McGilton/Aine Whelan
3 Fields of Athenry. (Pete St John) Performed by: Latiesha Boucher/Fiona Rea
4 Sad Loss of the Amphitrite. Words and Music by Stan Graham. (Magpie Music 2010) Musicians: Stan Graham, Rebekah Findlay, Iain Glover, Joolz Cavell -
5 Transport Ship. (Erik Kowarski) Performed by Erik Kowarski
6 The Convict Ship. (Lillian O'Donnell) Performed by: Lillian O'Donnell
7 The Convict Maid. (Maria Forde) Performed by: Maria Forde
8 The Bells of Ireland. (Pete St John) Performed by: Fred Rea
9 The Green Among the Gold. (Steve & Ros Barnes) Performed by: Geraldine & Danny Doyle
10 Mary Parker's Lament. (Judy Small) Performed by: Judy Small
11 Mary, The Girl From Botany Bay. (Ted Egan) Performed by: Nerys Evans
12 A Rose In Your Heart. (Bernard Carney) Performed by: Bernard Carney
13 A Bunch Of Dammed Whores. (Ted Egan) Margret RoadKnight, Margot Moir, Geraldine Doyle, Nerys Evans
14 Follow The Call. (Maria Forde) Performed by: Maria Forde
15 Roses From The Heart. (Dave McGilton/Christina Henri) Performed by: Dave McGilton
16 Christina Take Me Home. (Fred Rea/Fiona Rea) Performed by: Fiona Rea/Latiesha Boucher

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