A 'Blessing of the Bonnets' was held in York on
Date: Sat July 3, 2010
Time: 2.00
Place: Holy Trinity Church, Suburban Road, York, WA.

Officiating at the 'Blessing' were:
The Reverend Raymond Molyneux,
Father Stephen Cooney,
Elder Jan Casey, Lt. Carol O’Leary, Pastor Brett Butler and
Rectors Warden Heather Brown.

Irish Dignitary Mr. Michael Nolan, Hon Irish Consul in WA attended and launched the CD - Roses from the heart - a compilation of 15 convict songs - some new songs written by musicians from around the world - along with some well known songs.

Local State Government Representatives included:

The Hon Judy Moylan MP

and The Hon Mia Favies MLC

The CWA members included:

The State President - Mrs Alice Adamson

York President Mrs Janet Taber

York Council dignitaries included:

Shire President Pat Hooper
Cr Roy Scott & Mrs Kaye Scott
Cr Trevor Randell
Cr Tricia Walters

York Freeman:

Mr Gordon Marwick

York Citizen of the Year:

Mrs Gwen Gentle

Thanks to Jean Wykes and all the York CWA members and the York Shire for making the York 'Blessing of the Bonnets' the incredible event it was.

Thank you Ross for the special ride to the church. Also thanks for leading the singing.

Thank you to the Scouts who stood guard at the church.

Thank you Pete for the wonderful fiddle playing.

The inspirational music from Fred Rea and Fiona Rea was perfect.

Thank you to Robyn Murray for sharing her ancestor Louisa Underwood's story.

Well over 400 bonnets were blessed and the women they paid tribute to were remembered by 160 or so people.


Just some of the bonnets blessed at York, WA include the following bonnets and their makers. Some of these bonnet tributes are photographed below.

Charlotte Hodges - made by Barbara Dawson from (Albany, WA)
Sarah Ann Cox - made by Elizabeth Edwards (Albany)
Rose Jane Kenny - made by Elizabeth Edwards (Albany)
Rachel Turner- Isobel (Beverley, WA)
Susannah Mortimer- Nola Coventry (Albany)
Mary Ann Dunn- Nell Eriksen (Albany)
Caroline Andrews- Ruth Andrews(Albany)
Olivia Gascoigne- Joslin Bovell (Albany)
Sarah Coleclough- Barbara Harris (Albany)
Hannah Berry and Elizabeth Berry- Barbara Dawson (Albany)
Jane Brown and Ann Newport- Ruth Andrews(Albany)
Georgina Hay- Hannah Farleigh
Ann Galt- Elmarie Breytenbach( Narrogin)
Esther Gilbert- Alicia Hough (Wagin, WA)
Harriet Malcolm-Cheryle Lee (Pingelly, WA)
Mary Ann Crawford- Eveline White (Narrogin)
Margaret Watson- Eveline White (Narrogin)
Margaret Watson - Helen Maxwell from Narrogin
Ann Catchlove - Margaret Ryan (Pingelly)
Ann Catchpole -
Ann Davies- Cynthia Shepherd ( Narrogin)
Elizabeth Cartnell- Doreen Lewis (Wickepin, WA)
Margaret Douglas-Doreen Lewis (Wickepin)
Catherine Bramwell - made by Kerry Suckling (Narrogin)

 Lilly Rea, Christina and Fiona Rea   At the York Blessing of the Bonnets 
 Bonnet blessed at York, WA 2010   Barbara Dawson for Charlotte Hodges 
 Bonnet blessed at York, WA 2010   For convict lass Elizabeth Hollands 
 Bonnet blessed at York, WA 2010   E.Breytenbach made for Ann Galt 
 Bonnet blessed in York, WA 2010   E. White for Mary Ann Crawford 
 Bonnet blessed in York, WA 2010   For Margaret Watson made by 
 Bonnet blessed at York, WA in 2010   K.Suckling for Catherine Bramwell  
 Bonnet blessed at York, WA   For Harriet Malcolm made by 
 Bonnet blessed in York, WA   For Esther Gilbert made by 
 Bonnet blessed at York, WA 2010   For Caroline Ward 
 Bonnet blessed at York, WA 2010   Bonnet for Ann Catchlove  
 Bonnets have been 'blessed'.   Bonnets have been 'blessed' at York 
 Ross cranking up the car   Ross cranking up the car